Reliving the essence of SK’s challenge and innovation in our DNA  SK Heritage Museum


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Commemorating about SK’s history and the spirit of the founding and former chairmen

Founding Chairman Choi Jongkun and Former Chairman Chey Jong-hyon:

Two titans of the Korean economy. On this ground, the Founding Chairman sowed the seed that enabled SK to grow strong roots and the Former Chairman provided dreams and hope, which were the fertilizer that enabled the company to grow from a small tree into a large one.

Now, SK has grown into a global company as large as a forest that generates happiness throughout the world.

The SK Heritage Museum was established to ensure the legacy of SK Group’s history and management philosophy are enshrined in the company’s future development by following in the footsteps of the two former chairmen, whose unwavering resolve and passion enabled the company to put down roots in barren land and grow them into a forest.