Reliving the essence of SK’s challenge and innovation in our DNA SK Heritage Museum


  • 1F

    1 Where it all began…

  • 2F

    2 The early days and building the base for growth

    History Wall

    Starting a Business from Nothing, Sunkyong Textile

    A Story of Key Events through Textiles and Fabrics between 1953 and 1972

    Fabric of Sunkyong Textile Display

    3 Chairman’s Office

  • B1

    4 Becoming the heartbeat of the Korean Economy through Energy and Chemicals(1974-1991)

    History Wall

    A Story of Key Events through Energy and Chemicals between 1974 and 1991

    The Completion of Vertical Subsidiary Model, The Ulsan Complex

    5 Paving the way for an ICT-based society

    History Wall

    A Story of Key Events through Telecommunications between 1992 and 1998

    Soaring with Two Wings, Energy and ICT

    6 With unyielding resolve and passion

    Lofty Dreams and Meticulous Preparation

    Overcoming Crises

    Contributing to the Nation and Society

    7 Separately but together

    8 Spirit & Culture

    9 SK Library

  • Memorial

    10 SK’s two titans of the Korean economy

    11 Founding Chairman Choi Jongkun

    12 Former Chairman Chey Jong-hyon

    13 A Match made in Heaven

    14 In Memory of Two Leaders

    15 Motor Car Display

  • Talent

    16 Textile loom Display

    Textile Display

    ‘Rooster Lining’, Cockerel Model Display

    17 Mobile Tour and Photo Zone

    History Snap Zone

    My Studio Zone